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Benefits of Ice Boots for Your Horse

When your horse is suffering from an injury on its leg, one of the common treatments that are done is cold hosing. It is used to reduce inflammation in the leg and it can control swelling. This treatment can provide some relief from pain as well. This is a more efficient solution when compared to cold hosing inside the wash stall.

Ice boots can be wrapped around the legs of the horse and kept for a short duration. This will give you some time to carry out some work in the interim as well. In addition to treating an injury, ice boots for horses can be used in a preventative way as well. After work sessions, you can use ice boots so that it can reduce the level of wear and tear on the ligaments and joints of the house. Some advanced versions of ice boots have a vibrating feature that will give a soothing massage to the horse. This will further improve circulation and alleviate soreness. By using these types of boots, you can reduce the risk of injury to a horse before exercise as the vibrations can improve blood circulation and lead to elastic tendons and ligaments.

Cold therapy is a good way of speeding up your horse’s recovery as the swelling can be managed well. The horse will also be in a better disposition as their pain is alleviated. What the cold temperature does is that it slows down the metabolism of the tissues surrounding the area so that further damage is prevented as a result of swelling. It is best to contact your veterinarian before you decide to use the ice boots. They will be able to explain situations where the boots can be used and recommend certain manufacturers as well. Ice boots are essentially a wrapping for the leg that can allow the lower limb of the horse to cool down and reduce localised swelling. You can use these after exercise so that the temperature of the tendons can be reduced. The ice boots will contour to the leg and the lower limbs of the horse allowing for maximum contact.

There are some ice boots that can be used when travelling as well as for daily use. You can use them in a cooler bag when they are frozen when travelling. You can also keep them in the freezer at home for daily use. Make sure you understand the proper procedure for using the ice boots. Depending on the make, you will need to keep the ice boots in the freezer for a minimum of two hours. The outer straps of the boot have to be secured properly. But make sure that the horse is comfortable. You can ask your veterinarian about how long the boots can be kept on depending on the situation. Some boots or gel packs can be kept on for about 40 minutes when treating an acute injury. And you can do this about four times a day. The boots can be worn on the front or back legs.

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