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Common SEO Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic

There are constant changes done to the search engine ranking algorithm by Google every year so you have to be constantly updating your SEO or search engine optimisation strategy. Just because you have a good strategy at the moment doesn’t mean it will work to keep you in the top search results forever.

There are many strategies that you can try if you feel as if your site is not driving a lot of organic traffic. You can select an SEO company Melbourne to help you boost your visibility online and improve traffic. One aspect of SEO is optimising your content. You have to publish new content targeting certain keywords. In addition to generating new content, you have to look at your existing content to understand how to optimise it. This process includes improving the readability of the content, having a word count that will hold the attention of somebody casually browsing and having the right amount of primary and secondary keywords. Generally, you should aim for about 500-1000 words as a user will not read extremely long content; but this is also related to the nature of the content. The word count may be higher for certain search queries. You should also optimise the description tags and the meta title. While keywords are important, you have to consider the content around the keywords. This is termed user intent. You will be able to create more relevant content by understanding your audience and organising the content into clusters.

While page site optimisation doesn’t have a big impact on ranking, you should still consider how to improve this aspect. You have to prioritise tags and links. There are also certain metrics that Google looks for when evaluating the page experience. These are core web vitals relating to the load speed of a page, first input delay which evaluates interactivity of the page, largest contentful paint that assesses loading performance and cumulative layout shift which weighs visual stability. You should make sure that you boost page speed to improve the performance of your website and increase conversions. The page speed has a big impact on whether a customer is willing to purchase from a website or not. You can reduce the speed by reducing server response time, reducing unnecessary code and choosing the right hosting option for your requirements.

Google also evaluates the dwell time which is how long a visitor to the page spends on it before going back to the search results. If people stay longer on your page than your competitors’ it will be seen that you are doing something right. So you have to consider strategies to improve user experience by making your content easier to read. You need to make sure you post quality content that is formatted well and has compelling delivery that urges the users to read. Shorter paragraphs are easy to read but you can mix sentence lengths to improve optimum readability. And having important facts as bullet points will make it easier to understand and sub headings can give a good idea of the overall content. You should also use more images when discussing complex ideas.

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