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Different Materials You Can Use for Kitchen Cabinets

When considering a kitchen renovation, you need to rethink all the materials in your current kitchen and how selecting a different material can be more advantageous than what you currently have. While you may see beautiful pictures of kitchen renovations online, the design or the materials might not suit your lifestyle so you need to look at how the materials you choose can make things easier for you in the kitchen.

Solid timber is a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry and it is a non-toxic material that can be used safely. Some of the popular types of wood that are used are teak, mahogany and rosewood. There are many different grains and textures that you can find in wood and there are so many different colours as well. The natural colour palette can create a charming ambience for the kitchen. However, if poor quality wood is used, there can be warping and dents occurring over time. It is quite expensive and you will need to polish it from time to time to maintain the original finish.

There are wood veneers that are thin slices of solid wood that are pasted over a substrate. The sheets can be polished and you can have a variety of colours and textures. This is an affordable alternative if you want to go for the natural timber look. It is also a more sustainable option. However, if your kitchen cabinetry is regularly exposed to direct natural light, there can be some discolouration over time. And veneers are not scratch resistant.

Laminates are thin sheets that are sandwiched with layers of plastic resin. You can choose a substrate you prefer for the laminate surface and this can be MDF, plywood, or particleboard. There are many designs to choose from and you will be able to create durable cabinetry when you choose high-pressure laminates or HPL. There are matt and high gloss finishes available and the advantage of using laminate is that is it very affordable. It is also quite easy to clean. But you need to have a good kitchen contractor to carry out the installation as poor installation can result in peeling of the laminate edge.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinetry is very durable and therefore it is used very often in commercial kitchens. You can find different finishes such as etched, patterned and brushed. However, the colours you can find with this material are limited and you will need to re-polish the surface to maintain the shine. And there can be scratches over time. You can use PVC or polyvinyl chloride sheets for cabinetry which are composite plastic sheets.

They are waterproof and resistant to oil stains so they are very easy to maintain. There is a range of colours available as well. If you are worried about termites, this is a material that is very much termite-proof and you can easily replace them with the same colour when required. It is an affordable choice when compared to timber and laminates. However, there may be a limitation in the colours that are available in the market and sometimes the colour can begin to yellow with age. You also need to look for hardware that is compatible with plastic.

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