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Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials for Custom Awnings

Custom awnings are a versatile addition to outdoor living spaces. They will provide style, shade and shelter to both commercial and residential properties. You have to consider durability and weather resistance when choosing materials for custom awnings. We will go through a range of materials in this article so that you can choose what is best for your outdoor applications.

A popular choice for custom awnings is solution-dyed acrylic fabric.

It is resistant to fading, UV deterioration and mildew. It is known for its durability and colourfastness. This is a material that is made from synthetic fibres like polyester or acrylic. And there is a dyeing process that it undergoes which integrates the pigments to the fibres leading to vibrant long lasting colours. These colours can withstand exposure to sunlight and even harsh weather. It has good breathability and repels water so you can use it for outdoor canopies, awnings and even upholstery applications. Another material used is vinyl laminated polyester. This is waterproof and durable. You can find it in canopies, custom awnings and shade sails. It has a polyester base fabric that is coated with a layer of PVC. This gives the material superior strength and resistance for tearing. It also has weatherproof properties. As this material is highly resistant to IV radiation, abrasion, moisture and environmental pollutants, it is a great choice for outdoor applications where you need to have superior durability and longevity. This is also easy to maintain and clean.

In addition to the selection of fabrics,

You have to consider the materials for the frame and structural components. Aluminium is a popular choice for hardware and frames in  premier custom awnings. This is because of its lightweight properties as well as resistance to corrosion and high strength. You can enjoy exceptional durability, longevity and structural integrity with aluminium frames in outdoor spaces. They can withstand exposure to moisture, fluctuations in temperature and corrosive elements without deteriorating or rusting. You can also anodize or powder-coated aluminium frames to improve their aesthetic appeal and to protect against surface damage. This will further extend the lifespan of the frame and its performance in outdoor applications. Stainless steel hardware and fasteners are important for custom awning components and this will provide corrosion resistance, strength and stability. It is a material that is highly resistant to corrosion, rust and staining so it is considered a great choice for fastening awning frames.

You can also secure structural components

And attach fabric panels using stainless steel. With stainless steel hardware, you can obtain superior durability and reliability compared to iron and steel. Powder-coated steel frames offer a weather resistant solution for custom awnings in commercial settings and high traffic areas where you need robust construction. You can have high load bearing capacity, exceptional strength and rigidity from steel frames. And powder-coating is actually a finishing process where dry powder paint is applied to the steel surfaces electrostatically and cured at a high temperature so that a durable coating can be achieved. This is chip resistant and weatherproof. You can find powder-coating options in different finishes and colours allowing for a high level of customisation.

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