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Must-Have Elf Costume Accessories

You can channel your inner elf when Christmas approaches and start celebrating your home or participate in a holiday parade. There are some accessories that will make it easy for you to create a whimsical Christmas at home.

There are so many elf costume ideas that you can look for.

There is a lot of inspiration that can be found online and you can also search for online stores that have elf related items and accessories such as 24-day elf packs. An essential elf-accessory you can select is the pointy elf hat that comes in the traditional colours of red and green. You can also look for hats that come with whimsical designs such as jungle bells, stripes and polka dots. The hat has to be soft and floppy so that your ensemble looks playful. You can use a chin strap to keep the hat in place or you can use bobby pins so that nobody can see how the hat is secured. The shoes will announce your entrance as these will add a jingle to every step you take. You can find elf shoes online that come with small bells. And these bells will chime with every movement you make. You can look for the classic curled toe elf shoes or a modern flat shoe can be selected to which you can add festive embellishments. This part of the costume will bring a smile to everyone that you meet.

The selected leggings should complement the elf dress or tunic you are going with.

You can look for tights in green or red hues. There are striped leggings that can be added as well. Wide and colourful stripes can be selected or you can use a subtle candy cane stripe. To signify the winter season and to add texture to the costume, you can look for dresses and tunics that come with soft white faux fur. The dress can have faux fur at the collar, cuffs and hem. It will also be part of the hat. This will give a festive look to the ensemble. To add a bit of extra magic to the look, you can accessories with elf ears. There are different types of elf ears; there are different styles and materials you can select from. You can even find realistic prosthetic ears or whimsical ear cuffs that have jewels and glitter. You need to check whether these ears match your skin tone or you can even select colourful ears to make a statement.

Festive socks are a great way to add a whimsical touch to your costume.

You can look for socks that come with holiday motifs like reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees etc. And these can be knee high or ankle socks. A scarf can be added so that you can stay warm while you skip along the streets. These can add a pop of colour to the costume. You can choose scarves in red and white stripes for a bold look. There are also accessories that can be added to the costume that are inspired by the North Pole and Santa’s workshop. Some of the items you can add are a wrench, toy hammer and a paintbrush.

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