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Process for Australian Partner Visa

The Australian Partner Visa programme allows permanent residents, Australian residents and other eligible citizens of New Zealand to sponsor their partners living overseas for permanent residence in the country. Here, the applicant will be granted a temporary visa and the subsequent application will need to be submitted for permanent residency.

For Partner Visa 100, sponsors should meet specific criteria. You should be able to support your partner during their initial staying period in the country and your financial stability will also be considered. There are two stages to this process which is the temporary visa stage and the permanent visa stage. You can apply for these stages at the same time. You will be first granted the temporary visa. Once it is understood that you meet the conditions required for temporary visa, you will be eligible to apply for the permanent visa. You need to have detailed documentation for applying. You need to provide comprehensive evidence that supports the nature of your relationship. You need to prove that your relationship is genuine. Some of the documents that will be required to show this will be shared living arrangements, financial documents, photos etc. Your friends and family members can also provide testimonials. The evidence provided should span your entire relationship. This should include the initial stages of the relationship and proceed to present.

If you are sponsoring your partner,

You need to show your financial capacity. The authorities need to know that you are able to support your partner during their initial stay. Some of the factors that will be considered in this situation will be your employment details, whether you have a stable income and your financial commitments. Both you and your partner will need to undergo health examinations along with police clearances. The police clearance will demonstrate your good character. This is a crucial step in ensuring the individuals entering the country meet health and safety standards. The partner will also need to demonstrate their proficiency of English. This is done through recognised language tests. You have to demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a genuine relationship and continuing it throughout this process. You will need to provide evidence of shared responsibilities, joint ventures etc.

You need to follow a meticulous approach when applying for a partner visa.

There are professional immigration consultants that can help you with this. You will be able to manage the application easily with their assistance and this can reduce your stress as well. You will have a good idea of the current regulations that are required for the applications and this will increase your chances of success. There will be personalised advice provided by immigration consultants. They will consider the particulars of each case. There are many challenges you will face in this process but the consultants will be able to provide you with solutions to these. If you make an error on the application, there can be delays and additional costs. You will be able to reduce these risks with the help of immigration consultants.

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