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Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries in Sports

Engaging in sports is a great way of staying active and fit. But when you are engaged in sports such as running, jumping etc. where you can have sudden movements, it has a higher chance of injury. While understanding the risk of sports injuries, you can actually practice a few good habits that can minimize this risk.

Warming up before physical activity is a must as this is what prepares your muscles and joints. Some of the exercises you can do as a warm up routine include dynamic and gentle stretching that helps improve the flexibility of joints. This will reduce the risk of injury. There are also exercises you can do if you are recovering from a sports injury. Your orthopaedic doctor can help you in creating a plan of exercises that you can follow through. You can visit to get a better understanding of the role of orthopaedics in sports medicine. There are many muscles around the knee such as hamstrings, gluteal muscles, quadriceps etc. and these are responsible for providing the knee joint with support. You need to carry out exercises to strengthen these muscles so that you can further reduce the risk of injury. Some of the exercises you can do to this effect are leg presses, lunges and squats. You can include these in your exercise routine.

What you wear also has a big impact on how your joints deal with impact. If you don’t have the right footwear when you are playing your chosen sport, it will not be able to absorb shocks. This can have a big impact on your knee joint. So make sure that you choose shoes with sufficient arch support and cushioning. If you have an orthopaedic clinic nearby, you can visit to get an idea of your knee health and get a recommendation on the type of footwear you should use. The techniques you use will affect how load is placed on your knee. So you need to follow the right techniques when you are carrying out physical activity so that you don’t experience injuries as a result of poor form. Your trainers and coaches can help you with this.

If you have only just started a new sport, try to go slow instead of immediately increasing your physical activity. Your body needs to get used to the routine. You have to increase the duration and intensity of physical activity slowly so that your body adapts to the new circumstances. If you suddenly increase the intensity of activity or the duration, you will face a risk of injury. Resting is also a part of being a good sportsman or sportswoman. While it is important to practice, you also need to rest and give your body a chance to recover and heal. Make sure that you carry out proper recovery techniques during your periods of rest such as stretching. These techniques will help reduce soreness in your muscles.  You also need to maintain a healthy weight so that additional weight doesn’t put a strain on your joints.

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