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Reasons to Select Timber Doors for Your Home

Timber doors are a classic and they have been around for so many years. It can take a bit of time to decide on which doors are best for your home, however. But you can always get the opinion of interior designers or your architect when it comes to the finishes of your home.

While there are so many materials available for producing doors, timber is still a superior option. It has excellent insulation properties which can be great for houses located in cold climates. It will stop cold air form the outside coming into your home provided that you have good insulation throughout the home whether it is roofs, windows, walls etc. You have to be very careful of the materials you choose for your building envelope as these have a big impact on the efficiency of your home. If you choose materials that are not very insulating, your heating system will work overtime costing you more money. So ensuring effective insulation will bring down your electricity bills. It is not just the cold that timber doors Melbourne is best suited for. These are also good for hot summers where the sweltering heat of the outdoors will be kept away allowing the house interior to stay cool. So all in all, your indoor environment will be kept comfortable because of the timber doors.

In addition to providing good insulation, timber doors are also soundproof. So this will bring down the traffic noises from outdoors provided that your home is well sealed when it comes to the building envelope. There are aesthetic aspects to consider as well. Timber doors can impart a sense of classic style and timelessness wherever you install them. These can add value to your house but make sure you select a manufacturer that uses quality treated wood and has good skill with crafting timber doors. You can simply go through the official website and the social media page of the company to get an idea of the styles of doors they do. There are some companies that are able to do intricate details and provide unique doors that can last a long time.

Timber doors can be painted in so many colours. You can choose a colour that best goes with the exterior or interior design. You can also preserve the natural colour of the wood more or less using treatments that don’t change the colour as much. There is a lot of versatility for timber doors as well. They will fit in brilliantly with traditional houses as well as modern minimalistic houses. And there is an impression of spaciousness that is imparted by the warmth of the wood. You can use timber doors for the interior as well and these will be both decorative and functional. For example, you can have a beautiful barn door separating the kitchen from the dining room which allows for privacy while being a decorative element all the while. Timber doors are also easy to repair which means you don’t have to replace them often. You can use polishes or paint to cover up any minor irregularities. Scratches can be rectified with different finishes and coatings.

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